Low Credit Finance Smashes Kick Off, Generating 100k Leads in Month 1

LowCreditFinance.com, a trading name of Payday Ventures, launched in July 2022 and has reportedly kicked off with a bang – generating over 100,000 unique leads through it’s marketing efforts in the first month alone.

Sam Merry, CEO of Payday Ventures, comments, “We’re extremely pleased with the launch of our new brand in the USA. Through continued efforts and our strive to improve customer experience and conversion rates, Low Credit Finance has proved to become one of our most successful launches yet, and we’re just getting started with this one.”

About Payday Ventures

Payday Ventures is a financial lead generation network, with websites covering several regions and languages all over the world. The company’s routes date back to 2013 with the CEO’s entry into the industry from a young age of just 19 years – with passion and hard work, the company is on its way to becoming one of the largest personal finance focused lead generation networks in the world.